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Unveiling the Three Levels of Awareness

Embarking on a self-awareness journey unveils three distinct levels of consciousness. The initial level involves an inherent awareness attained effortlessly as we navigate our daily lives – a spontaneous recognition of our main characteristics, environment, likes, and dislikes. The second tier demands a more deliberate effort, requiring introspection to uncover subtler aspects like values, communication styles, and personal preferences in music, movies, and literature. However, the third and most profound level of awareness signifies a genuine commitment to comprehending ourselves at our core. This transcendent exploration delves into our unconscious motivators, unravelling the intricacies behind our behaviours and choices. Venturing into this level demands an enduring curiosity, becoming a lifelong journey of self-discovery where we unravel the essence of our being, understanding the fundamental forces shaping our values and responses to life’s myriad experiences.‍

Uncovering a hidden treasure

A metaphor that helps us better understand the three levels of self-awareness is the journey to uncover an island’s hidden treasure.

The first level of awareness is like finding the island—it’s an exciting and accessible discovery, giving us a glimpse of the potential treasures within. This initial layer represents our basic characteristics and visible preferences.

Moving to the second level is akin to navigating the island, encountering challenges and hidden paths to reach a more secluded area where the treasure chest lies. Uncovering values, communication styles, and nuanced preferences requires a deliberate and more challenging exploration.

However, the most rewarding treasure—the third level of awareness—awaits those who embark on the arduous journey to unlock the chest’s secrets. It’s about solving riddles to reveal its exact location and deciphering its intricate locks to access its precious content. This level of self-awareness demands enduring curiosity and significant effort, separating those content with surface discoveries from those committed to unearthing the deeper treasures that define who they truly are. Just as not everyone is willing to invest the exhaustive effort required to unveil the hidden gems within the chest, not everyone may embark on the challenging journey to reach the deepest layers of self-awareness.

Much like discovering the treasures inside the chest, the deepest level of self-awareness focuses on understanding ‘why’ individuals take specific actions and make particular decisions. Often overlooked in traditional approaches, this level of self-awareness is where Awareness to Thrive excels. Our workshops go beyond superficial team dynamics, guiding participants to uncover their unconscious motivators, blind spots and ways to thrive in their Best Selves.

Balancing the Levels of Awareness

Each level of self-awareness has unique merits, making them valuable in different contexts.

The initial level, characterized by an inherent and effortless awareness of our visible traits, serves us well in everyday interactions. It enables us to navigate simple social encounters and engage in routine activities without extensive introspection.

The second level, demanding deliberate effort to uncover subtler aspects, becomes particularly beneficial in personal relationships and more complex social settings. It allows us to understand our values, communication styles, and nuanced preferences, fostering meaningful connections. Personality tests are often good tools to obtain this level of awareness.

The third and deepest level proves most advantageous in scenarios demanding enhanced collaboration and communication, such as within a professional team. This profound self-awareness, rooted in an enduring curiosity to understand our unconscious motivators, empowers us to navigate complexities, resolve conflicts, and align with shared objectives. Driven by a passion for uncovering untapped potential, Awareness to Thrive offers you the deepest level of awareness. Our workshops go beyond the surface of traditional personality tests, deepening into the gift of understanding what, at our core, drives our behaviour.

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