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Every Awareness to Thrive workshop includes a powerful assessment survey and personalized report that identifies two Unconscious Motivators, Best Self, potential Shadow Behaviours, and Triggers for every participant. The curriculum is broken into five workshops which you can mix and match into one of our packages.


Get to know every team members’ Unconscious Motivators® and how every person can work in their Best Self to elevate your team to success.

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Your team will get more than just the basics and be able to understand the root of conflict and how to resolve these conflicts before they ever start. Great for teams who want to ensure success and avoid triggers before they even start.

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If you are dedicated to becoming a better performing team, this package is for you. Your certified PRINT® coach will walk your team through the top three modules.

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After this package, you will have every tool in the arsenal to combat Shadow Self behaviour, avoid triggers, and get back to being a high-performing team.

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Our Workshops

Every team is unique in their strengths and challenges. Awareness to Thrive creates a custom package for every team that we work with. Our workshops are great for everyone from individuals looking to elevate their leadership skills to teams of over 100 employees.

Unconscious Motivators

Learn about what motivates YOU, and how to use it to your advantage.


Learn about your personalized triggers and how to take responsibility to respond rather than react.

Best Self

Get an intimate knowledge of your Best Self and strategies to work in this productive space. Avoid the urge to resort to Shadow behaviour.

Team Leader

Specially designed for leaders, learn how to respond as YOUR best self when you are confronted with employee and team challenges.

Excel With Anyone

Learn how you can respond to challenges when you don’t know the PRINT® of the people you are leading or working with.

Our A2T team is excited to help you find the untapped potential that already exists on your team.